Household ornaments shopping online is more unique

 Shopping online: 7 years

    So far, Xiaohei decorated two houses, and he found that shopping online is more cheap, more convenient and more unique.

    When he first bought one-bedroom house, it is more simple to decorate in a small room, proper lamp, curtain and paper box and cups……He tried a lot and fatigued a lot, “At that time, there was no IKEA” in Guangzhou, so I had to buy these stuff in a remote place.”and it costed him about  one month time.

    And several years later, he bought a two bed room and one living room, and he gained experience from the last time experience, “This time I bought many items from shopping online. The Mediterranean decoration style handrail, he bought it from Taobao, and the decoration tree he bought from VANCL, and even the curtain is made by the seller based on his requirements,”,  “After received the stuff, he hang it directly”.

    And also he found many interesting and chic housing ornaments, black cat table lamps. Flower shape cell phone, Doraemon tissue box, feathers decorating chandelier. Clown modelling wall clock, what is the tooth brush holder, soap box, eat mat, lid, etc., or chic modelling, or cartoon interesting, has distinguishing feature quite, quite a few are black on the market have not seen, not only that, she also bought a lot of overseas with characteristic of exotic objects, such as Nepal’s lantern, India incense, and so on, “sitting at home little mouse is all done”. And buy online prices generally is cheaper than entity shop, “tired of watching to buy a batch of, also won’t feel love dearly”.

decorations for the house


    Apart from the brand sellers in Taobao, there are also some innovative, hand-made small sellers’ goods, they are more distinctive, and due to the making method, the price is relatively higher.

    And some online sellers can offer handling process, and customized business, not only curtains, sheet, bedding bag, sofa cover and so on, and even some basin, bowl and pan can be customized, but it needs you to consult the seller in advance so as to have the most suitable goods.

    It is more convenient and cheaper to buy the housing items online. All kinds of housing items, such as curtains, bowls, lights, and so on, can be bought online.

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Household ornaments improve the charm index of space

  The decoration trend is always very popular, different from the fixed carriers, the choice of the decoration is wide. From color to texture, from image to material, and the various styles can give us colorful experiences, from function and be true and real, the choice of material should emphasize quality and people’s soul have been nourished.

 Praise of the high quality time enjoyment: High quality life is what everyone is yearning for the life that occupy the home, home is a harbour, exhaustion of body and mind after a day at some level, the home also is a personal recessive symbol of identity and social status. Quality decorative key words include: natural material, classic shape and harmonious color, exquisite technology, master works, and so on. For a really pay attention to the quality of the user, these elements had replaced the previous top luxury, and high prices. May be contracted style of decoration is not easy to see that you pay the price, but it is also testing the higher realm of aesthetic and accomplishment. Get rid of the complex decoration crafts and ornaments, return you a quiet environment, which is also beneficial to health.

 Low profile luxuriousness: The classic designed furniture means outweigh the trend and has outstanding light whenever and wherever, the modelling and material offer decent body enjoyment.

 Wonderful wall paper: The high quality wall paper is durable and the vivid colors and images will make you brilliant immediately.

beautiful-flower-wall-paper wholesale

 Fashionable grace: Concise classic lines, graceful and fashionable, unique design accomplish the unique excellence.

Excellent craft: Innovative design, under the concise appearance has the excellent craft and creative environment.

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How to make the indoors decoration in consistency with the indoors color

  The space home furnishing will tell you the color collocation in indoors decoration, which is a improvement for the DIY for you.

indoor decorations on dhgate

1, General color effect: blue, green, grey means “quiet and brisk”; red , pink and brown will make people “excited”. The bright colored tone will make the room look bigger, so it is often used to decorate the small and dim room, and the dim color tone will make the room bigger with lower brightness.

2, Harmonious colors: the collocation of two to three similar colors, such as blue, green or grey, which can produce a delicate quiet effect. Proper color collocation will make the room and house a whole, spacious and comfortable.

3, Emphasized color: use a more bright or dim color to decorate after choose a big size place, such as in the thread corner position. The emphasized colors can be used in the decoration lines small room or apartment, which can foil each other better.

4, Contrasting colors: Choose the strong contrasting colors, such as bright VS dim, warm color VS cold color, which can have a vivid effect.

Four classic blending colors

Black+white+grey=essential classic,White+black can create a strong visual effect, and in recent years, the popular grey fused into it, and the warm black and white visual feelings can create an unique sense.  In these three color collocation space is full of cold colored modern and future senses. We can make the room more decent to live through general color effect, harmonious colors collocation, emphasized colors and contrasting colors.

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From the small housing ornaments four skills to make the housing ornaments in order

 decorations for the house

Skill one: Small in front and big behind so as to make it clear

    Put some housing ornaments together and make them one part of the vision, the balance sense is very important. If there are the big furniture beside, the order should follow the rule of from higher to lower so as to create a vision balance. Or keep the gravity center in consistent with each other, for example: Put the similar two lamps in a line and the same with the bolster, thus to create a harmony and rhyme senses and it can also give people an impression of cozy. Besides, it can highlights the features of every item and it will make the eyes more comfortable.

Skill two: You should take consideration of the whole housing style

    Firstly find out the overall style and tone, and then based on this to set. For example, the concise housing design has the design sense housing ornaments can be suitable for the individual room; if it is the country style, choose the natural style housing ornaments.

Skill three, Start from the small items

    Pendant ornaments, bolster, table cloth and small ornaments are the single items that are easy to put, and you can start from these items and then gradually make other items in order. The small housing items can be the visual focus and can better show the interests and hoppy of the master.

Skill four: Household cloth craft is the key

    Every season there are belong to different color, different design of household cloth art, no matter be color or dazzle beautiful prints, luxuriant silk, romantic bud silk, only need to change the furniture of different style of cloth art, can transform a different household style, more economic, more easily than in furniture finish.

    Cloth of domestic act the role of color to make collocation more unified harmony, strengthen the whole of the bedroom. Household hard lines and cool color, can use cloth art to soften. In the spring, picking the fresh flower pattern, the awaken of spring is abundant; In the summer, choose fresh fruit or flowers and plants pattern; Fall and Winter you can replace with fur bolster and have a warm Winter.

    So if we want to make the items in our house in order, we should put big ones behind and the small ones in front, and consider the overall style of the room and start from the small items, and of course the household cloth craft is the key.

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New fishing floor lamp stand line draw the outline of household

new fishing floor lamp

House is beautiful or not is entirely up to master how to decorate it, the size of the furniture, the color of wall, floor type all of these are critical factors. In indoor decoration line apply to the extreme, it would be a very good adornment window. For example, horizontal grain can make the space more open, let the wall looks more tall vertical stripes. And besides, you may have to find other house unique line, small make up today’s push a fiery fishing lamp, it curved arc shape, may be the only standing there in your family line.

new fishing floor lamp stand line draw the outline of household

The luxurious and comfortable home, have a high-grade leather sand, have a bear-skin rug, also have comfortable seats and bookshelf, but when the night comes, when you come back here need to have a rest, no bright light source, how to see these eyes? A curved curved fishing light, such sensitivity with tie-in is enough.

fishing floor lamp stand line draw the outline of household

Product recommendation:fishing lamp

Brand: light years

Model: L01701YS

The lamp body mass: wrought iron

Color classification: black

Lampshade material: cloth art

Energy-saving lamp LED light source type: incandescent bulbs

Process: painting frosted

The light source number: 1.

Irradiation area: 5-10 square meters

The range of the space: study of the sitting room the bedroom

Filled with green metope, illusion beauty is full circle round carpet, these are all complex elements, there is only a thin elongated and concise clanging fishing lamp goes to cough up, from the perspective of the entity figure of collocation, do have a very good visual effect, clever and abnormal.

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How to decorate the Christmas tree?

Hexagonal clock: Christmas Santa Christmas deer neck and neck will be wearing golden hexagonal bell, the golden hexagonal clock was formed a bunch beforehand, whether dress up the Christmas tree, Santa or dress up can be used.

Lights: color decorative lamps.

Brilliance with: will flash like snowflakes shape of the small piece together, color is yellow, green, purple, red and other colors, in under the irradiation of light is very bright eye.

Crabapple rattan color bar: it looks like a cane of branches and the attractive red fruit, appearance is very beautiful, crabapple may shine.

Traditional Christmas stockings, Christmas items, in each family member should have a Christmas.

Decorating the Christmas tree method:

Prepare tools: a roll of white hard yarn, birch branches, snow, icicles, crystal beads chain, all kinds of Christmas ornaments, LED lights.


The lights around the Christmas tree: the last light bulb in the LED lamp series, wire tie, tie wire again to the top of the Christmas tree, fixed the string light bulb.

Push the white yarn along the boundary is divided into two and a half long, a fixed at the top of the tree, the rest around the tree.

The birch branches inserted between the branches of the tree.

On the Christmas tree evenly placed icicles.

Crystal beads chain.

Hanging ornaments, to hang your favorite decorations on the most conspicuous place, also can hang the adornment of bright silver ball on birch branches.

Finally, the snowflake hung on the top of the tree.

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Christmas tree decoration procedure

If it is a larger size of the Christmas tree, generally the branches across the beam of the first to facilitate carrying, bought again to loosen. Pay attention to the branches full stretch to look alive, but don’t too neatly arranged between branches, is better to keep a little natural form.
The top then tied to a small adorn article, you must choose a relatively bright eye is acted the role of article, can make the finishing point, the effect of gold is usually used in the stars, also can put a small delicate Santa Claus doll. If you want to add automatically flicker twinkling Christmas lights, but also pay attention to whether the power cord is long enough, electrical, has avoided line, each lamp line whether fixed firmly, special notice voltage will be enough.
Taken the tree top star
Top star is a star on the Christmas tree, like a Christmas tree crown, the tree top star dress up, wear the “crown” Christmas tree also has a few minutes of dust. Some top stars can also charge, the flash is very brilliant.
Taken the puppets
Dress luxuriant tree branches hang one beautiful Christmas small puppets, can let the children fondle admiringly.
Taken the snowflake
In green full of all sorts of colorific ornament on the Christmas tree, you will still feel like something less. By the way, is the white snowflake. At the same time also can buy some big snow again to hang on the roof, you can enjoy the feeling of heavy snow in the room.

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You must pay attention to four household adornment lamps choice

The characteristics of the

1, decorative lamps and lanterns

Lighting is the main facilities, indoor lighting for interior space light as decorative material, it can be installed through the specifications of the lamp, the change of the location, shape, and to adjust the light intensity, to foil the indoor atmosphere, feel the change room structure, especially the lamp ACTS the role of the material of noble, elegant shape and gorgeous color, often become a highlight in the bedroom to decorate.

indoor lighting

2, the classification of decorative lamps and lanterns

Lighting is the floorboard of the adornment sex of lamps and lanterns, the variety of lamps and lanterns, modeling, is very important in a family to decorate engineering materials, is also the home cage adornment material is widely used in decorating.

By using the location of different lamps and lanterns can be divided into two categories, indoor light and outdoor light. Indoor lamps and lanterns can be classified as fixed type and movable fixed form, according to the installation position can be divided into the ceiling lamp, wall lamp, lamp, desk lamp, etc. Installed at the top of the lamps and lanterns can divide again to absorb dome light, decorative chandelier, crystal lamp, bovine eye lamp, lamp light etc, mahjong, because adornment lamps and lanterns is mainly installed on the top, so we are at the top of the decorative lamps and lanterns are mainly introduced.

3, absorb dome light and droplight of choice

Homogeneous soft dome light due to take up less space, illumination, especially suitable for in the hall, corridor, the place such as kitchen health asked two bedroom use. Currently on the market to absorb dome light glass, plastic, wood, iron, gold and other materials, such as type and bell type, running the variety of styles.

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How to make christmas decorations for the tree

Christmas tree is a Christmas tradition to celebrate one of the most famous . But how to make christmas decorations for the tree? People usually around Christmas evergreen plants such as the one to get into the house or pine outdoors , and use christmas light and colored ornaments decoration. And put an angel or star on top of the tree .

Christmas Candle

With candle and decorations to decorate fir Larch tree or evergreen tree up , as part of Christmas celebrations . Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany . German December 24 of each year , that Adam and Eve ‘s Day, decorate a fir tree in the house (the tree of the Garden of Eden) , a thin biscuit cabinets, a symbol of holy bread (Christian atonement mark). Modern use all kinds of cookies instead of holy bread, but also often coupled with a candle symbolizing Christ.

Christmas light

In addition, the interior also has a Christmas tower, is a triangular wooden structure, there are many small frame grid placed Jesus statue, tower decorated with evergreen foliage, candles and a star. To the 16th century, the Christmas tree tower and the Garden of Eden into a Christmas tree. The 18th century, this custom in the German Lutheran believers quite popular, but was popular until the 19th century, the country has become deeply rooted tradition in Germany. Early 19th century, Christmas trees spread to the United Kingdom; 19th century Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert in Germany to be popularized .

Christmas decoration-Christmas gift bag

 Victorian Christmas tree decorated with candles, sweets and pastries colors , with ribbons and paper chains hanging on the branch. Early in the 17th century by German immigrants brought the Christmas tree that is in North America, to the 19th century is widely popular. In Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands are also quite popular. In China and Japan, the Christmas tree in the 19th and 20th century by American missionaries imported, mostly decorated with colorful paper flowers .

Christmas tree decorations

In Western countries, Christmas is also a family reunion and festive holiday , usually in the home furnishings a Christmas tree. In the West, whether Christian, Christmas, Christmas tree must be prepared to increase the festive atmosphere. Christmas trees are generally evergreen cypress and the like made, a symbol of life forever. Candle decorated with a variety of trees, flowers, toys , stars, hang all kinds of Christmas gifts. Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree, rejoice . More Christmas related post ,such as Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends and other Christmas gift ideas.

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Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Following are some kinds of Christmas Light , Rope Lights, Flower Strings, Novelty Lights, Lanterns and more other Personalized Christmas Light, handmade your Christmas tree Decorations with colorful charming light and give your children a special Christmas gift.

Rope Lights:

Personalized Christmas Light

Personalized Christmas Light

Personalized Christmas Light

Personalized Christmas Light

Flower Strings:

Personalized Christmas Light

Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Novelty Lights:

Personalized Christmas Light to handmade Christmas tree Decorations

handmade Christmas tree Decorations

handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Night Lights:

handmade Christmas tree Decorations

handmade Christmas tree Decorations


Personalized Christmas Light

handmade Christmas tree Decorations

Personalized Christmas Light

Personalized Christmas Light

handmade Christmas tree Decorations

All these special and Personalized Chirstmas Light can be found on, picked some to handmade your special Christmas Tree Decorations

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